4 investments that can reduce lower back pain at the office.

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04 Sep

Over the last couple of months, we’ve touched on topics such as ergonomic chair adjustments, sit-stand chair alternatives, additional lumbar supports and more. Since September is National Back Month, we’ve used the informative information provided in our previous blogs to create a list of 4 key product investments that can be used to reduce lower back pain and discomfort in the office.

Back pain is a common MSD (muscular-skeletal disorder) in the modern workplace. By investing in these suggested products, you can reduce lower back pain, increase comfort, and be more productive.

  1. Invest in a chair with proper lumbar support or an additional back support – If you find yourself spending most of your day seated behind your desk, it is rather crucial that you evaluate the chair you’re seated on. Most standard office chairs do not offer you the lumbar support your back requires while seated for long periods throughout the day. It is important that you consider investing in an adjustable, ergonomic chair that offers your back the lumbar support it deserves. It is critical that it should have the ability to adjust to the correct height and position for your specific requirements to maintain good posture and comfort. If investing in a new ergonomic chair does not fall within your current budget, there are affordable, additional lumbar support options available that can make a significant difference to your seating experience.


  1. Invest in a footrest – Whether you’re short or tall, a height adjustable footrest is beneficial to all who use it. A footrest is not only there to aid those with “swinging feet” but is also used to reduce chair slouching. A common cause of back and neck pain is slouching in the chair. You can use a footrest to help push yourself back up against your chair allowing you to utilize the full back support your chair has to offer. This will reduce back pain, and in most cases, neck pain as well.


  1. Invest in a standing desk – Standing desks are becoming more and more popular in the modern-day office. The concept of standing while working is becoming a rather trendy topic, and the number of those who alternate between sitting and standing at work are increasing annually. Our on-desk and freestanding sit-stand desk range offers a wide selection of sit-stand options catering for almost everyone’s working environment. Standing has been proven to reduce back pain and increase energy levels, allowing individuals to be more productive, amongst other things. At Ergonomicsdirect, we’ve assisted thousands of satisfied standing customers with our top of the range, standing desk options.


  1. Invest in a sit-stand seating option/stool – Sit-stand seating options should be used with a height adjustable workstation and offer an additional position besides standing or sitting. How does this effect one’s lower back though? Most sit-stand seated options promote correct posture by encouraging a user to sit in an upright angle/position and activating your core. Some options like the Ergonomicsdirect Saddle Chair offers an adjustable seat tilt allowing the user to change his/her pelvic angle, reducing tension on the lower back. This feature has done wonders for many of our customers suffering from lower back discomfort. Slouching on a sit-stand seating option means adjusting your body to an uncomfortable and unstable position. Therefore, most users find that when using these stools correctly, they do not slouch and are more comfortable, and have better posture.

The chances are, either you or someone close to you is suffering from lower back pain. We believe that the best posture is the next posture. Follow our tips above and invest in quality ergonomic products today to support your lower back and improve your health and quality of life.

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