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A few laptop stands to consider

Laptop stands

Laptops were never meant for full-time computer use. However, as time progressed, these machines have become more powerful and convenient, and have become the quintessential work tool for many.  From students to CEO’s of major international companies, laptops are the preferred computing tool. Yet only a few people understand that they are using their laptop inefficiently and putting unnecessary strain on their bodies by being in the incorrect position. Thankfully there are tools that can correct your posture when using a laptop to ensure that you reduce the strain exerted on yourself, and in doing so, become a healthier, more comfortable and more productive laptop user.

Ergonomic laptop Use

Ergonomicsdirect is passionate about improving individuals’ performance and productivity levels within the office environment, and not only on making laptop users more comfortable. The typical laptop working position that comes to mind for nearly every user you come across, is the hunched over or slouched position, where a user is at a desk slanting forward on their chair/seat to get a good view of their screen. So, what can be done to resolve this issue? What you want to achieve is to position the top of your laptop screen at about eye level. It is key to note that to achieve correct positioning, all laptop stands should be used with a separate keyboard and mouse – thus “turning your laptop into a desktop”.

The entry level laptop lift

For proper laptop use that makes seating more comfortable and reduces strain on your eyes and neck, Ergonomicsdirect offers a number of solutions. Be aware that there’s a difference between laptop lifts and laptop stands. At under R300, the Swivel Laptop lift is the entry-level piece of ergonomic equipment to improve your posture. This simple, entry-level laptop lift adjusts to 7 angles and elevates the laptop screen to reduce slouching and hunching. Unfortunately for taller users, the elevation this laptop lift offers may not be enough.

Advanced Ergonomic Laptop Stands

With versatile laptop stands such as the iDesk stand with 4 port USB or the selection of WorkEz laptop stands, the adjustability becomes exponentially more to ensure that you can correctly position your laptop screen. With greater levels of adjustability, these more advanced laptop stands offered by Ergonomicsdirect are still very much portable and convenient.

The WorkEz Light and Executive laptop stands are versatile tools that can be used to position laptops, iPads and books while browsing the internet, reading, cooking or watching a movie. The WorkEz Executive can be used on a desk, on a couch or even in bed. Although working in bed or on the couch is not advisable, these tools will at least ensure that you are better positioned when doing so.

To understand which laptop stand works best for you, call in and speak to our team of ergonomic experts, view our laptops on your website ( or visit our showroom to try out all the options to see which would work best for you. Remember to bring your laptop with to ensure the perfect fit with your requirements.

Not Just the laptop stand

Ensuring optimal laptop use doesn’t end with only a laptop stand. The way you sit or position yourself when using the laptop plays an essential role in improved laptop use and can lead to better individual performance and greater comfort. Sit-stand desks and on-desk workstations such as our Flexispot range, can open a whole new world to the laptop user. Many laptop users do not realise that the ability to alternate between sitting and standing while working on a laptop is often the most efficient and less strenuous way to work.  Further to the sit-stand desk solutions, Ergonomicsdirect also has a wide range of ergonomic seating solutions to make the workplace comfortable and productive.

The big picture

At Ergonomicsdirect we take the health and productivity of deskbound workers seriously, and our team of experts can assist you in finding the ideal solution for your personal laptop use or for an entire army of laptop users. At the end of the day, investing in ergonomics in the workplace is a wise health and morale investment for your staff. Call Ergonomicsdirect today on 021 426 2378 to experience the benefits of improved laptop ergonomics.

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