Chair Back Support

It is critical to have good back support for your office chair. Ideally you would want an office chair with lumbar support, and even more importantly, adjustable back support. A good ergonomic chair should have adequate back support and it is best if you can try out your new office chair before making a decision on your purchase.

The improve the back support on your office chair, you could also use an additional lumbar support cushion. These pillows unfortunately generally don’t supply the optimal support and often lose some of their supporting function over time as they age.

The SOHO backrest is a unique external lower back support device that can add dynamic lower back support to your chair and drastically improve the support that you offer your back. The SOHO backrest is also height adjustable, making it easier to customise to your specific needs.

To ensure that you fully utilise the lumbar support on your office chair, it is important to have your feet placed securely and flat on the floor. Even a good ergonomic office chair with the correct back support can feel insufficient if your back is not pushed back into the lumbar area of the chair. This can be achieved with using a footrest, should your feet not be fully supported on the floor.   

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Soho Back Support

Dynamic support for your back

R 999.00

Obusforme Cushion


R 1 639.00

Seated Wedge


R 399.00

Original Lumbar Support


R 359.00

Slimline Lumbar Support


R 339.00