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    Ergo Silicone Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest Support Pad

    R249.00 R209.00

    This comfortable silicone gel keyboard wrist rest offers a versatile ergonomic solution for keyboard users. The silicone gel pad supports your wrists in a comfortable position during typing, while also positioning your wrist in a more neutral position. The ability to maintain a more neutral wrist position while typing reduces the prevalence of injuries such as […]

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    Ergo Memory Foam Mouse Pad Wrist Rest Support

    R199.00 R169.00

    A quality mouse pad is an affordable and easy way to make your workplace more ergonomically correct and more comfortable to work at. A mouse pad offers ergonomic support for your wrist while working on your computer mouse. The supportive cushioning creates a comfortable area that contours to your wrist’s natural curves and movements while ensuring that […]

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    Ergo Height Adjustable Mobile Sit-Stand Desk

    R4,499.00 R3,799.00

    The Ergo height adjustable, mobile desk is a cost-effective, practical and easy to implement solution. This desk can be used in an office, classroom or manufacturing environment where a mobile working platform is required. It offers easy height adjustment. The ability to alternate between sitting and standing improves productivity by improving blood flow and reducing […]

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    Ergo Anywhere+ USB hub

    R669.00 R569.00

    A stylish, height adjustable, compact, lightweight and portable stand to place laptops, tablets or books in an ergonomic position. Includes a built-in 4 port USB Hub for connecting your peripherals. Relieve back, neck and eye strain by placing your laptop screen at the correct viewing level. Compatible with most laptops, this is a convenient and […]

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    Soho Back Support

    R999.00 R849.00

    Dynamic support for your back

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    Ergo Frame and Board Dynamic Footrest

    R659.00 R559.00

    Perfect for multi-user environments such as call centers,
    and short people.