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4 investments that can reduce lower back pain at the office.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve touched on topics such as ergonomic chair adjustments, sit-stand chair alternatives, additional lumbar supports and more. Since September is National Back Month, we’ve used the informative information provided in our previous blogs to create a list of 4 key product investments that can be used to reduce lower […]
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Ergonomics at Home

Is your home workstation set up ergonomically? These days, many individuals spend time working from “the comfort” of their own home. Some are home-based freelancers or run their own business from home. Some have the luxury of flexi-hours while others work addition hours after their normal working day has come to an end. A from […]
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Ergonomic Chair Adjustments

It is important that your ergonomic chair adjusts and supports your body and posture in the correct way. To ensure that you get the most out of your chair, you need to familiarise yourself with the chair’s adjustability before investing in one. Below are some guidelines to consider: Seat Height – Firstly, you want to […]
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Ergonomics for our Kids

More and more children and students are suffering from back and neck pain and other posture-related symptoms. Just like adults, children and young adults are required to spend many hours a day seated behind their desks at school, and often after school while doing homework or studying. Many schools are not providing ergonomic equipment or […]
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What is an Ergonomic Office Evaluator?

So what is an Ergonomic Office Evaluator and how can they change the way you work? An Ergonomic Office Evaluator is an individual who can optimize the working environment to the needs of the person working in it. Optimizing may include rearranging where objects (office equipment such as the computer screen, keyboard and chair) are […]
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Some clarity on headaches

Speaking about a headache is something 9/10 people can relate to. Vascular headaches, tension headaches, or a mixture of both is usually the most common type experienced.  Most of us try to treat it ourselves. When the self-medication approach fails, the desperate process of identifying the possible cause through eliminating the likely sources of the […]
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Saddle vs. Wobble

Which one is best suited for you? We have answers for these questions right here! We at Ergonomicsdirect are often asked which is better between the saddle chair and wobble stool? The answer is, it depends entirely on the needs of the user. Today I’m going to educate you on the benefits of the saddle […]
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Position your paper, position your hands

If you haven’t thought about making your desk more ergonomic this year, it’s not too late to make a difference to your posture in 2019. Spending 8 hours or more a day at your desk takes a toll on both your mental health and your body. Luckily for you, there are a handful of solutions […]
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Work more ergonomic in 2019

How was 2018 for you?  Did you find yourself sitting awkwardly at your workplace, becoming more tired and less productive as the year progressed? You can change that in 2019 by simply applying better ergonomics to your workstation. Sitting comfortably is one thing but working more ergonomically correct is something else altogether. Once you change […]
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