Wrist and Elbow Brace

Sustained positions and repetitive movements while working on the computer mouse and keyboard can lead to various strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and even a tennis elbow. Bracing can provide temporal relief from these injuries and can support the area, generally the wrist joint, by reducing the amount of moment in the joint and allowing the injury time to heal and the inflammation to clear. A wrist brace or carpal tunnel brace can assist with reducing the symptoms of a carpal tunnel injury, while a tennis elbow brace can help with reducing the symptoms relating to a tennis elbow type injury.

The ideal long term solution is however to eliminate the cause of the injury or repetitive strain. Devices such as gel mouse pads, gel keyboard wrist rests and ergonomic keyboards can drastically improve the ergonomic correctness of your position while typing and using your computer mouse. It is critical to look at these injuries holistically as a small change to your desk setup can make a significant difference to your work comfort, ultimately reducing the risk of sustaining a repetitive strain injury.

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Carpal Tunnel Brace

A carpal tunnel wrist brace is a splint brace designed for those suffering with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and weak or injured wrists.

R 425.00