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The FlexiSpotM3 Standing Desk Converter  is the perfect desk for users with extra large monitors, or who just need more work space on their desk riser.  At 47 inches wide x 24 inches deep, the upper work surface of the M3 is almost like having an entire desk move up and down with you, which means ALL your work can move up and down with you, as you move from sit to stand.  The M3 should easily fit two 27″ monitors, two 32″ monitors, or 2 smaller monitors and a laptop.

The M3 also features extra strong gas springs designed to support more weight than the standard desk riser – up to 20kgweight capacity – which makes it a great option for users with heavier monitors.

And unlike other standing desk converters that swing away from your desk in the top position, the Flexispot M3 adjusts straight up and down – allowing you to stay close to your work and maximize your desk space (and avoid dangerous tipping).  The lifting motion is smooth and easy, with twelve height adjustment settings up to 50cm high – ideal for taller users over 6 feet/1,8m.

The M3 also comes with a dedicated thru-hole for safely mounting monitor arms and stands of all types.


  • Massive work surface – thanks to the largest desktop surface of any sit-stand desk converters.  Supports 2 large monitors, and more.
  • Extra large keyboard tray – will fit any keyboard and mouse, and more.
  • Straight Up & Down Movement – For a more efficient use of space that keeps you closer to your desk and avoids the risk of tipping.
  • Industrial Strength Gas Springs – Support up to 20kg, yet smooth and easy to adjust.
  • 50cm Maximum Height – Great for taller users, with 12 different height settings in between sitting and standing.
  • No Assembly Required – Simply click the keyboard tray into place – no tools necessary.
  • Compatible with any Monitor Mount – Safely mount any monitor arm or stand using the dedicated thru-hole in the back of the upper work surface

3-year Warranty



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