Ergonomic Chairs

Office chairs come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, not all of these are ergonomically correct and cannot be classified as ergonomic chairs or ergonomic office chairs. We are meticulous about the chairs we have on offer, and with good reason.

Because we all differ in our posture, size, activity level and desk set-ups, finding an ergonomic office chair that fits your specific requirements can be quite a process. If possible, it is best to try out the chair for a few days to ensure that the desk chair ergonomics is compatible with your specific requirements. Ergonomic chairs and specifically ergonomic office chairs for bad backs, also sometimes referred to as orthopaedic desk chairs, are all about their adjustability – the more your positioning can be refined or changed, the better the likelihood of achieving the ideal position behind your desk.
There are also other options available besides the “standard” office chairs that we have become accustomed to. These chairs include the saddle chair, the wobble chair and kneeling chair. Generally, these chairs would only be used for a portion of the day and are ideal for changing your position or for use with a sit stand workstation. A kneeling posture chair, also referred to as a backless ergonomic kneeling chair or kneeling posture chair can provide a temporary seating position, but might not be compatible with everyone’s needs. Saddle chairs are great for performing tasks at different heights and the tilting seat angle allows you to easily alternate the position of your pelvis and lower back. These saddle task chairs are ideal for therapists, vets, dentists and various other professions working at benches.