NetOne (Mid Back)


Max user weight of 130kg

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  • Pivot Lumbar Support: Unique lumbar support adjusts according to the user. No manual adjustment required.
  • 3D Adjustable Armrests: Grasp and lift levers to raise or lower. Move armrest cappings forwards/backward and inwards/outwards.
  • Seat: Moulded Foam Seat with waterfall front edge.
  • Height Adjustment Lever: Lifting the lever while taking the weight off the chair will raise the height; Holding the lever up while sitting will lower the height.
  • Seat Slider Lever: With your weight off the chair, push the lever down and the seat will move to its shortest position. While sitting, push the lever down and slide your
    bottom forward to increase depth.
  • Backrest Adjustment: Click lever down to lock backrest, click lever up to unlock backrest.
  • Backrest Tension: To adjust tension (only applicable if the backrest is unlocked) pull the windable lever out as far as possible. Turn clockwise to increase backrest
    tension; anticlockwise to decrease tension.
  • Headrest (highback only): Hold headrest with both hands and lift and lower.

NetOne (Mid Back) excludes headrest.

The NetOne® range of ergonomic office chairs comes with a seven-year guarantee and the GetOne® range comes with a five-year guarantee on all the parts excluding the fabric.


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