Ergo Dynamic Split Seat Saddle Swing chair


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The Saddle Swing is a chair unlike any other. The spring-mounted design creates a dynamic, unstable seat which allows the chair seat to tilt in any direction as the user shifts their weight. This facilitates dynamic seating which forces the user to maintain their posture by activating their core stabilising muscles as they move around or shift their position.

Easy height adjustment and a 200mm height range allows the user to easily transition between different working surfaces. Like the normal split seat saddle chair from Ergonomicsdirect, it is a versatile chair that can be used at your desk, at a workbench or at varying heights.

The above-average seat height of up to 750cm (which is slightly higher than the average desk height) also gives this chair a further use. The Saddle Swing can be used in combination with a height-adjustable desk as a seating option to allow the user to “perch” somewhere between normal sitting height and standing. The dynamic nature of the seat allows the user to distribute their weight between the seat and their legs while in a more elevated position.

Saddle chairs are also useful seating options for healthcare practitioners during consultations, examinations, assessments, and treatments.

Please note that the Saddle Swing is not for everyone. The chair can take some getting used to and users need to be prepared to be challenged and be active while they are seated. The Saddle Swing is not recommended for continuous use during a normal 8-hour day but should rather be an alternative seating solution for an hour or two at a time. The chair is not recommended for users with chronic back pain.

Product specifications

  • High-density foam upholstered with black PU
  • Split seat design
  • Dynamic spring-mounted tilting “swing” mechanism
  • 200mm gas lift range
  • Height range of 550mm to 750mm
  • Ring-design height adjustment lever
  • 480mm aluminium base
  • Weight limit of 150kg
  • PU wheels
  • The chair can be used with the Office Chair Caster Wheels for All Floors (sold separately by Ergonomicsdirect)

Guarantee: 2 years


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