Ergo Portable Device Stand


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Flat desks make you flex your neck to see your device. Position your mobile devices at the correct angle for comfortable ergonomic viewing with the Ergo Portable Device Stand

The Ergo Portable Device Stand allows you to position your mobile phone, tablet, Kindle or book on a flat surface like your desk, in an adjustable upright position for comfortable ease of viewing and use.

The Ergo Stand can be adjusted to secure your device in either landscape or portrait view. The adjustable tilt allows you to position your device at multiple angles.

The Ergo Stand is lightweight and folds for ease of storage or travel.

The Ergo Stand is suitable for most sizes and makes of phones and tablets.


Product specifications:

Size when folded: 18cm x 2.6cm x 3.2cm

Maximum “spread” of the stand’s legs when in a v-shaped position: 156mm

Product weight: 90g

Composed of 90% recyclable materials


 Please note that the Ergo Portable device stand is available in black, blue, white and pink.


Blue, Pink, Black, White


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