Ergo Height Adjustable Operators Chair with Seat Tilt


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The Operators chair is a versatile chair that can be used in a number of environments and is well suited for the manufacturing industry. It can be used at different heights and varying seat angles. Seating positions include:

  • Seated in a lowered position with your feet grounded
  • Seated in a higher position with your feet partially grounded or resting on the foot ring while working at raised work surfaces
  • Sit-standing with the seat in a higher position and the seat tilted forward.

The tilting seat allows for adjusting and repositioning of your pelvis, which in turn changes the position of your lower back (lumbar area). The ability to easily change your positioning improves your comfort while using the operators chair.

The operators chair is ideal for working at different surface heights, specifically at benches or in an industrial setting.


  • A tilting mechanism on the seat
  • Chrome gas lift
  • Height adjustability: 54cm – 79cm
  • PU form seat
  • Aluminium base with a 480mm diameter
  • 400mm foot ring
  • Fixed feet stoppers.

Please note that bigger orders may have a lead time of up to 8 weeks.

1 Year warranty


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