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Ergonomics for our Kids

By : Austin Harichuran 0 Comments
04 Jun

More and more children and students are suffering from back and neck pain and other posture-related symptoms. Just like adults, children and young adults are required to spend many hours a day seated behind their desks at school, and often after school while doing homework or studying.

Many schools are not providing ergonomic equipment or training around the benefits of ergonomics to their pupils. This leaves many kids living their busy, active lives without the knowledge and support they require to stay healthy and be productive while seated in class or at home.

The growing use of electronic devices in education has resulted in many kids making use of tablets and notebooks at a younger age. The use of these devices come with additional compilations besides the feared and often talked about “screen time”. When using these devices or doing schoolwork for extended periods of time, kids tend to make themselves comfortable within their environment. The comfortable posture is unfortunately not necessary the correct posture.  Without correct ergonomic equipment, they are exposed to incorrect positioning which can result in numerous pains, discomforts, and potentially even muscular skeletal disorders (also known as MSD’s).

What solutions are there for our kids, and what can we do as adults to avoid them from suffering from this? Their solution is the same as for us. It is important to educate our kids on ergonomics and correct posture. We need to help them by optimising their environment to suit their needs and by investing in ergonomic equipment that can benefit their health and productivity. The ability to alternate between sitting and standing has also proven to be an effective way to address the symptoms associated with long hours of sitting. For a child that struggles to be seated for an extended period of time, the option of standing has been proven to increase the child’s ability to concentrate for longer and be less disruptive in class. Mobile sit-stand desks are also great for group work and offer an easy way to reorganise a classroom in a short space of time.

At Ergonomicsdirect you can find a Certified Ergonomics Evaluator who will be happy to supply you with expert ergonomic advice and product recommendations. We are also continuously working on expanding our product offerings for children.

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