Businesses are constantly seeking ways to improve employee productivity in an attempt to increase the bottom line. Unfortunately, investing in and improving employee wellness, especially thorough improving office ergonomics, is often ignored as a way of achieving this.

What is Ergonomics?
Simply defined, ergonomics is the study of how one’s body interacts with the environment when you perform a task or activity. Office ergonomics focuses on workstation arrangement to fit the individual’s needs and includes the choice and placement of equipment such as the desk, computer monitor, chair, computer keyboard and mouse.
Addressing the ergonomic set-up can improve the user’s posture and comfort, reducing conditions associated with long hours spent in a sustained position. Addressing ergonomics in the workplace is an essential and easy way to improve employee wellness and productivity.

The modern-day office
With the development of technology, many of us have unfortunately become office and deskbound and will continue to be for many years. Researchers suggest that computing has become a significant part of daily work activity. Some of the concerning statistics include:
• 93% of workers in the US use a computer for more than four hours a day
• The average adult now spends 50% – 70% of the day sitting at work.
• It is common knowledge that smoking is bad for your health, but sitting may be as harmful to your health as smoking.
• Every hour of sitting cuts about 22 minutes from your life expectancy. By contrast, it is estimated that smokers shorten their lives by approximately 11 minutes per cigarette.

What do we offer?
• Ergonomicsdirect is South Africa’s most comprehensive supplier of specialist ergonomic equipment for office and home working environments.
• We source our ergonomic products from many recognised and leading global suppliers
• We strive to offer an extensive range of products and brands to offer solutions that fits both your individual workspace requirements as well as your budge
• We only stock products that have passed critical analysis by our experts and met our own strict ergonomic quality standards
• We are constantly seeking creative ways to change the way that people look at office ergonomics.