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Having a footrest under your desk helps to complete your ergonomic setup. Often, once you have adjusted your chair to the correct height, your feet are left dangling which affects your ability to sit back in your chair and fully utilise the chair’s backrest. A footrest can assist with grounding your feet, pushing you back into your chair and, in doing so, ensuring a better posture. With the Kelly footrest you can adjust the tilt of the footrest’s footplate. It also offers height adjustment to ensure that you get the best positioning for your requirements.

  • 4 angle adjustments: 6, 12, 16, 25 degrees
  • Angle adjustments also allow for different height adjustments of the footrest
  • Height range adjustability from 80mm – 130mm
  • Footrest is stable with no movement – ideal for users that do not like movement on their footrest.
  • Anti-slip rubber mat on the platform
  • The product comes fully assembled
  • Product size: 400mm(W) x 360mm(D) x 80mm(H)

3 year guarantee – fair wear and tear excluded


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