Ergo Memory Foam Mouse Pad Wrist Rest Support


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A quality mouse pad is an affordable and easy way to make your workplace more ergonomically correct and more comfortable to work at. A mouse pad offers ergonomic support for your wrist while working on your computer mouse. The supportive cushioning creates a comfortable area that contours to your wrist’s natural curves and movements while ensuring that your wrist is in a more neutral position while working. It further helps to reduce hand and wrist strain which can result from repetitive movements and unnatural wrist extension.


Safety and durability: The product consist of environmentally friendly materials with ROHS certification to ensure safety and minimal chemical odours. The high quality lycra ensures comfortable use. The surface is smooth to ensure easy tracking of different types of mice – vertical, corded as well as cordless. The supportive pad is filled with soft memory foam that will return to its original form after use.

Designed to reduce fatigue: The mouse pad is ergonomically contoured to keep the wrist well supported at a level of about 25mm higher than desk height to ensure a more neutral wrist position while working or gaming for extended periods of time.

Non-slip natural rubber base: The mouse pad has a natural rubber backing which ensures that the pad stays in place and keeps it from moving around while in use.


Product specifications:

Product colour: Black


  • Surface: Lycra fabric
  • Inside: Memory foam
  • Bottom: Natural Rubber

Product size: 250mm x 235mm x 25mm

Unit weight: 180g

The surface material is suitable for both silk screen and full colour printing.



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