Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Support

Gel wrist supports is a must for any computer user. A gel mouse pad to use with your mouse or gel wrist rest to use in front of your keyboard, can make a significant difference to your comfort behind your computer. Ergonomic mouse mats, also referred to as gel mouse pads helps to keep your wrist in a more neutral position while working on the mouse. This wrist support mouse pad reduces the strain caused by repetitive movements and continuous sustained positions. This is a definite example of where a small change can make a significant difference to your workspace. 

Ergonomic wrist rests can also be in the form of a keyboard wrist support to support your wrists and arms while working on the keyboard. Besides reducing the extension in your wrist joints while typing, this ergonomic wrist rest can also reduce the strain on your shoulder and neck muscles. With your arms better supported, it reduces the need for these muscles to keep your arms in position while typing, reducing the strain and associated discomfort.

Under desk keyboard trays can be very helpful with improving the position of your keyboard while working. These ergonomic keyboard trays can typically adjust in both height and distance from the user and the sliding keyboard tray can easily be positioned in the optimal position. 

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Ergorest solutions are designed to improve ergonomics in areas such as computer usage, office work and industrial applications.

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Gel Keyboard Support


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Gel Mouse Pad


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Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Elite Media Keyboard and Mouse


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