Laptop & Monitor Stands

Prolonged working on a laptop or desktop requires an ergonomic solution to position the screen of your workstation at the correct height. Optimising the height of your screen is probably one of the easiest but most significant changes you can make to improve your comfort behind your desk.

Laptop stands vary from a basic laptop lift or laptop tilt to the more advanced laptop stands which have variable height and angle adjustments that allows the user to easily position the laptop screen at the correct height. The executive laptop stand can be used as a laptop stand in bed or as a laptop stand on the couch. Although it is not ideal to work on the sofa or in the bed, this laptop stand will assist you with improving your posture and being more ergonomically correct. The iDesk has been one of our favourite laptop stands for many years. With its external USB hub and 6 height adjustments, is will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.
For desktop users, a monitor arm allows the user to position both the height of and distance to the screen. Having a monitor arm desk mount, frees up available work surface space. A monitor swing arm will allow the user to reposition the monitor when needed. Monitor arms for standing desks are also available.
An ergonomic monitor stand or raised monitor stand are on-desk solutions to adjust the screen height. Some of these screen stands can also hold documents increasing available workspace. A raised monitor stand is basically a screen stand for your desk, allowing you to position your computer screen at the correct height and making your desk more ergonomically correct and user friendly.