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Idesk Laptop Stand with 4 Port USB


Turn your laptop into a desktop with our iDesk Laptop Stand!

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Relieve back, neck and eye strain by placing your laptop at an optimum viewing level. Compatible with most notebook computers, you can rest assured that this is the convenient and versatile option for optimising your performance and overall health while using your laptop.

With a 4 port USB hub, convenience is assured as you have added room for your peripherals, and with six angle/height adjustment settings it can be customised to suit your specific requirements. Enjoy more comfortable computing and improved ease of use with this great laptop stand.

For best results, use with an external mouse and keyboard.


  • iDesk Laptop Stand has a 4 Port USB Hub
  • Six position angle/height adjustments
  • Relieves back, neck and eye strain by placing your laptop at an optimum viewing level
  • Cooling air circulates around the notebook for maximum performance
  • Brings the screen within proper viewing range
  • Improves the user’s overall posture
  • Compatible with most notebook PCs
  • Clutter-free with cable management channels

Only currently available in black
Budget keyboard and mouse available as an additional product add-on

Limited warranty 6 months

3 reviews for Idesk Laptop Stand with 4 Port USB

  1. Wayne

    I’ve always used a second screen with my laptop computer but have struggled for years with regular neck and back pain due to the laptop being lower than my main monitor and straining my neck while looking down

    Since using the iDesk, which raises the monitor to the same level as my main screen, the pain disappeared almost immediately! It has literally changed my life. The additional USB ports are a great additional feature too.

    Thanks Ergonomicsdirect. I would highly recommend this to anyone who uses a laptop. You won’t be disappointed.

    A shout out to Piet Nel who recommended this. Highly knowledgeable and well versed in all their products. Thank you

  2. Justin

    I have been using this stand for approximately 2 years now and found to be an excellent help in reducing my neck and shoulder strain.
    The USB Hub is very handy, keeping everything neat and tidy, freeing up USB ports for flash drives.

  3. Sharda Naidoo (verified owner)

    I’ve just bought my second Idesk. I’ve found that it relieves the strain on my neck and back and would recommend that all regular laptop users use it.

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