Uncaged Ergonomics Adjustable Monitor Arm Screen Mount


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This ergonomic, adjustable LCD monitor arm is perfect for using at a standard height desk or standing desk. The monitor arm has a universal VESA mount to hold most monitors. It is a completely adjustable computer monitor arm, enabling you to raise, swivel, tilt or pan monitors to the best viewing position. It is also ideal to use with standing desks as it allows you to independently adjust the position and height of your computer monitor from our desk height to allow for optimal ergonomics.


  • The monitor arm is designed for simplicity and easy use
  • The monitor arm can swivel, pan, tilt and raise monitors to a position that’s correct for you.
  • The VESA mount holds most common monitors
  • Compatible Monitor Size: 17 – 27 inches
  • The quick-adjust tension spring fine-tunes the ease of adjustment
  • Height range: The arm articulates from desk level up to approximately 45cm (from the desk to the mount).
  • Tension knob: Easily adjust the spring tension with the tension knob to comfortably hold a variety of monitor weights.
  • Weight range: holds monitors between 2 – 7kg.
  • The monitor arm comes with 3 built-in USB ports.
  • Easy installation: Simple screw-clamp securely connects to your desk.
  • Simple: installation is quick and easy with all components supplied.


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