Neck Support Pillows

Your neck or back pain or discomfort can be the result of various activity in your daily routine. Often addressing your posture and setup behind your desk where you spend your working hours, can make a significant difference. Even so often, the cause of our aches and pains are, however the result of more than one of the environments where we spend time daily.

Incorrect sleep support, especially for your neck, can often result in discomfort, muscle spams and even headaches. A good neck support pillow also referred to as an orthopaedic neck pillow or cervical pillow, can make a significant difference to the correctness of your posture while sleeping. A neck support pillow should get your spine, and specifically your neck into a straight line. Sleeping on your side with the correct supporting pillow, is generally the most comfortable and sustainable position. Sleeping on your back is also generally ergonomically acceptable. Unfortunately, spending time on your tummy while sleeping should be avoided as far as possible. 

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Contour Neck Pillow

The Spine Align contour neck pillows are made from high-density memory foam and is specially designed to maintain correct postural /spinal integrity.

R 649.00