Our Ergonomicsdirect team is made up of a diverse group of individuals, each with a very specific skillset. Seeing that Ergonomicsdirect “evolved” out of the medical industry, it is understandable that majority of the team members come from a medical background. We all have one thing in common – our goal to make a difference in the lives of our customers by improving their health, comfort and productivity.



Piet Nel
Piet's Bio
Piet Nel qualified as a Physiotherapist and worked clinically for several years. Since 2006 he has been involved in various business ventures and also completed his Modular MBA at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business. His interest in business and the medical industry resulted in his interest and involvement in ergonomics. Ergonomicsdirect stared out as a sideline passion and has since grown into a freestanding business. He has a keen interest in ergonomics and the positive effect that it has on the user’s health, wellness and productivity. Piet is also a Certified Office Ergonomics Evaluator.
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Jayson Chin
Jayson's Bio
Jayson is the co-founder of Ergonomicsdirect and the director and practicing partner at Chin and Partners orthotics and prosthetics. His interest in human movement, assessment, treatment and prevention of muscular skeletal injuries has guided his career since qualifying as a medical orthotist prosthetist in 1995. He established his first private practise, Progressive Orthopaedics in 1998, now Chin and Partners Inc. In 2007 he attempted to bridge the gap between the medical and retail industry by establishing Medsport, a medical product retail concept store. Being involved in both the medical and retail industry, he identified the need for quality, affordable ergonomic products to both prevent and treat muscular skeletal issues as well as improve general wellbeing. Medsport continually expanded its ergonomic product range and in 2016 he joined forces with Piet Nel, who is now his business partner. During this process they re-branded Medsport to Ergonomicsdirect to be more representative of the product offering. Jayson is also a Certified Office Ergonomics Evaluator.
Austin Harichuran
Head of Digital and Marketing
Austin's Bio
Austin is a Certified Office Ergonomics Evaluator with a strong digital marketing and development background. He leads a team of digital professionals that help build and optimise our business from a digital perspective. He oversees all digital aspects and activities of the business, constantly looking for opportunities and avenues to grow Ergonomicsdirect online. His digital responsibilities include marketing strategies, online presence optimisation, website management, social media management and paid campaigns, newsletter creation, blog content creation, Google Adwords management, and driving online sales throughout various platforms. Apart from his digital responsibilities, Austin is actively involved in driving new sales. Being an office ergonomics evaluator, Austin is trained to assess workstation requirements, and making expert recommendations. The recommendations can be either on the choice of products, or adjustments to the user’s current working environment.
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Denvor Farao
Operations and Logistics Manager
Denvor's Bio
Denvor Farao a passionate, determined and goal driven, Operations and Logistics Manager. He always strives to better himself as best as he can to provide excellent customer service to his clients. His career history consists of over 12 years of extensive experience in the Supply Chain and the E-commerce field. He has an Advanced Diploma in Sourcing and Supply Chain Management (Unisa), Operations Management (USB) and a Business Management Diploma (Prestige Academy). What motivates him in the workplace is to always try to learn from others and sharing experiences that he believes are invaluable. One of his key attributes is honesty, ambition, and passion. Denvor believes that with a good work culture and trust, you can achieve everything.
Wendy Van Wyk
Ergonomic Product and Training Specialist
Wendy's Bio
Wendy obtained both her BA (HMS) and BSportsSc Hons (Biokinetics) degrees at the University of Stellenbosch, Cape Town. In 2008, she left her Biokinetics private practice to go and work in the UK as a cardiac technician and physiotherapy assistant. This led to work in both private and NHS hospitals, and there she got involved in occupational health testing. On her return to South Africa in 2010 she continued private practice, and also started consulting in the occupational medical industry. Wendy’s natural teaching ability and affinity with people got her head hunted in 2012 as a Spirometry, Audiometry and Vision screening facilitator. She has earned an excellent reputation as an expert facilitator with doctors, nurses and technicians in over 15 countries in Africa. In 2018 she decided to travel, and as a wellness director on a cruise ship traveled to 12 countries and changed thousands of people’s lives through health and wellness. As our product and training specialist at Ergonomicsdirect, she educates our clients on ergonomics and advises them on product choice and suitability. Wendy`s knowledge in her field and love for helping people improve their lives makes her an inspiration to work with.

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