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Position your paper, position your hands

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07 Feb

If you haven’t thought about making your desk more ergonomic this year, it’s not too late to make a difference to your posture in 2019. Spending 8 hours or more a day at your desk takes a toll on both your mental health and your body. Luckily for you, there are a handful of solutions which you can implement to improve this.  At Ergonomicsdirect we have practical product solutions and tips that can aid you to work better at your workstation and make you more productive.

Position your paperwork

One of the contributing factors that makes sitting at a desk all day difficult, is how you position your paperwork and documents.  Correct positioning of your screens and paperwork will reduce eye strain and the need to continuously rotate your head to view your screen and documents. This rotation causes many people to encounter discomfort while working, leading to symptoms such as neck pain and headaches.

For those who transcribe or do plenty of typing, having their paperwork incorrectly positioned can cause significant levels of fatigue and discomfort.  Thankfully Ergonomicsdirect has a solution for this.  The clear mini desk is an innovative, simple-to-use ergonomic tool that allows you to position your paperwork, keyboard and screen in a straight line which can ultimately lead to you being more comfortable and productive.

Use a mousepad

Many individuals work on laptops these days and end up using the scroll pad instead of an external mouse. This is ergonomically incorrect. Using an external mouse along with a mousepad will put your “mousing” arm in a much better position while also preventing mouse “drift”.  While using the scroll pad on your laptop is convenient when you’re on the move, the benefits of using an external mouse on a mousepad should not be underestimated.

Position your keyboard and support your hands

For those individuals who enjoy typing a lot, having to stop and rest to stretch and move their aching wrists is quite common. This stretching not only decreases productivity, but the pain in your wrists is also probably an indication that your wrists are positioned incorrectly while working. Your wrists positioned incorrectly over a prolonged period may lead to strain and potentially also musculoskeletal disorders. Using a keyboard wrist support is a simple and effective way of making typing more comfortable by reducing the strain on your wrists. This is done by reducing the extension at your wrist joints and placing your wrists in a more neutral position while typing.

So here is the question you need to ask yourself: Are you really working comfortably?  If your answer is no, find your solutions at Ergonomicsdirect. For more information, visit  https://www.ergonomicsdirect.co.za/ or call our Cape Town Showroom today on 021 426 2378.


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