Reading, Writing and Transcribing

Very little consideration is generally given to improved positioning and better ergonomics when performing extended amounts of reading, writing and transcribing. By making small changes to the positioning of your documents, you can significantly reduce the amount of strain that you place on your body, specifically your eyes, arms and shoulders, while performing these tasks.

When reading documents for transcribing or just gathering information to retype, the ultimate goal is to try and position these documents as close as possible to your direct line of sight when facing your computer screen. In other words, you want to try and keep your working documents in a direct line between yourself and the screen. This can be achieved with the help of assistive devises such as the Clear mini writing desk or the Document holder. With the help of these products, you are able to read on both your screen and the documents, with minimal rotation and movement of your head and shoulders. This also reduces the need to be in a sustained, “off-centred” position while working. These adjustments can substantially improve your ultimate comfort and productivity while performing these tasks.  

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Clear Mini Document Desk

The Clear Mini Writing Desk is locally manufactured and has shown to improves working posture and increase comfort at your desk.

R 1 209.00

Document Holder

The desktop copy holder is an ergonomic document holder that neatly stores and holds your documents off  your desk and in front of your eyes.

R 499.00