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Sitting, but not in a standard chair / Rethink the chair

Once upon a time, the big bouncy ball was considered the alternative, cool way to be healthier while working at your desk. Today things have come on quite a long way, and ergonomics is better understood. Ergonomic furniture has developed into practical and stylish pieces that can be equally fun and versatile.

Alternating between sitting and standing has been proven to be better for us in the workplace, and sit-stand or standing desks are growing in popularity. For those who want an addition to the ergonomic sit-stand desk solutions, or just a comfortable, ergonomic and stylish to the point of cool seating solution, saddle chairs or the sit-stand wobble chair are superb options to suit a variety of working environments.

The Ergonomicsdirect Saddle Chair

The saddle chair from Ergonomicsdirect is a comfortable and practical ergonomic seating solution. Commonly used by doctors, dentists and therapists, the versatility of the saddle chair is working its way into general offices and workplaces where ease of movement and desk accessibility is essential. The seat is practical, and the easy height adjustment makes the seat perfect for those who work in an environment where there are a variety of working heights.

With the tilting function, the angle of the seat can be adjusted with ease to reposition your pelvis. The change in pelvic tilt in turn effects your lumbar curvature and positioning – a slight change in tilt can make a substantial difference to your comfort. The chair is one of the most versatile chairs in the range of ergonomic seating from Ergonomicsdirect and is not only comfortable, practical and good for your well-being, but also stylish with the chrome frame and black seat, fitting in with any work environment.

The Sit-Stand Wobble stool

The innovative and versatile sit-stand wobble stool is the ideal companion to any one of the sit-stand desk solutions offered by Ergonomicsdirect. The seat is fun but serves a practical purpose in today’s modern workplace. The sit-stand wobble stool assists with engaging your core and with being active behind your desk – ideal for those that struggle to sit still. It may take a little getting used to at first but once you get the hang of it, you will struggle to go back to using a conventional chair.

The wobble chair has a non-skid base that is weighted, so it self-uprights when not in use. With the use of the push-button height adjustment, one soon finds the most comfortable seating position. You can sit at a forward angle, with both feet placed flat on the floor, distributing your bodyweight between your legs and your bottom on the seat. With the adjustment of height, one can easily redistribute the weight between your legs and your back, to allow for a new position with a different “feel”. This is great for ensuring sustained comfort.

What now?

The saddle chair and the sit-stand wobble stool are part of a wide range of ergonomic office solutions for organisations of all sizes and in all sectors of industry. Ergonomicsdirect have many years’ experience in helping people and companies find the best ergonomic solutions, helping companies become more productive by providing products that create habits that keep people healthier and increase their performance. Perhaps it is time to rethink the chair as you know it.

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