Standing Desks

Sit to stand desks, also referred to as standing desks, stand up desks or sit to stand workstations, allow the user to alternate their body position between sitting and standing throughout the day. These ergonomic desks have proven to be beneficial to the user’s health and productivity and may even have psychological benefits.

It is important to choose an ergonomic workstation that best suits your individual needs to ensure the correct standing desk ergonomics. This will be a function of your specific requirements for your sit stand workstation and factors to consider are if you are working on a laptop or desktop, and if you need additional space for paperwork, reading and writing. This will assist you with ensuring that you have an ergonomically correct standing desk.

The easy of changing your sit stand workstation form a sitting workstation to a standing desk is an important factor to consider to ensure continued use of the workstation. Research tells us that the easier the workstation changes between the sitting and standing position, the more likely you are to continue using the stand up desk.

Whether it is a portable standing desk, an on-desk sit stand solution that you simply put onto your desk, an adjustable sit stand platform that clamps onto an existing desk or a freestanding, height adjustable ergonomic desk. Whatever your ergonomic requirements, Ergonomicsdirect has the solution.

Please give us a call if you would like more assistance with choosing the best sit stand solution for your specific needs. 

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CHANGEdesk Sit-Stand Desk

R 4 999.00 R 2 999.00

Sit-Stand Wobble Stool

The Wobble sit-stand stool is height adjustable with a non-skid weighted base that makes it easy to move while seated. It allows you to distribute your body weight between your feet and bottom while sit standing at your desk.

R 3 349.00

WorkEz Executive Laptop Stand

It works with your laptop to optimise the monitor height and typing posture.

R 1 575.00

WorkEz Keyboard Tray

The keyboard tray positions the keyboard at the correct height and angle. The mousepad is removable, adjustable and can work on either the left or the right

R 1 009.00

WorkEz Standing Workstation Combo

This affordable standing options is a combo set consisting of the WorkEz Keyboard tray and WorkEz Executive laptop stand. This setup allows you to adjust the height and angle of the laptop stand and keyboard tray independently from each other, to customise this workstation to your specific needs. The 2 components of this standing workstation can also be used independently form each other.

R 2 499.00

Deskstand Jumbo

This product is ideal for the multi-tasking individual who needs more space and a separate monitor or two.

R 1 909.00

Workfit D Standing Desk

Freestanding height adjustable desk
R 19 259.00