If you enjoy sit-standing or would like to spend less time in your office chair, there are many accessories that can enhance your standing experience and ensure that you are comfortable while standing. These accessories can furthermore increase the number of possible positions that you can be in during your workday. The wobble chair is one example of such a product. It allows you to “perch” in a position between sitting and standing, taking some of the strain from your legs while engaging your core at the same time.

It is important to listen to your body and frequently alternate between sitting and standing. Besides regular change of position, the use of an anti-fatigue mat can reduce the strain on your feet and legs and allow you to stand with more comfort, and for longer periods. Optimise your set-up with these essential accessories.

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    Orthomat Premium – Green

    R779.00 R449.00

    The ultimate in durable anti-fatigue mats The Orthomat® range has been specifically designed to reduce the onset of pain and fatigue caused by prolonged standing on hard or firm floor surfaces. Its development is driven by thorough research in the field of ‘fatigue-relief’ for standing occupations. This durable, yet very comfortable matting is manufactured from […]

  • Flexispot F7DB Dual Screen Height Adjustable Monitor Arm Mount


    Both arms easily adjust to enable an ergonomically correct workstation

  • Flexispot F7B Single Screen Height Adjustable Monitor Arm Mount


    Features: Arms easily adjust to support an ergonomically correct workstation Sit more comfortably at your desk while reducing neck, eye and back strain Gas spring hovering system allows for easy monitor height adjustment Durable hardware supports clamp or grommet installation Share your screen with co-workers or reduce glare with a simple adjustment Cable management system […]

  • Flat Seat Sit-Stand Wobble Stool


    NEW: A re-designed flat seat cushion for more comfort!

  • Orthomat Office


    Orthomat® Office is a durable ‘cushion-surface’ mat designed to make standing more comfortable. While some mats can be too soft, Orthomat® Office has been developed to strike the perfect balance between underfoot cushioning and essential support.   Health experts around the world are advising us to stand more, and sit less. Standing at work is […]

  • Orthomat Black


    The original fatigue fighter

  • Orthomat Premium


    The ultimate in durable anti-fatigue mats.

  • LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm


    Durable steel and polished aluminum construction! Create a fully adjustable side-by-side monitor configuration that lifts both LCD screens up to where they’re easier to see while reclaiming valuable worksurface. Reposition your LCDs with just a touch. Up. Down. Forward. Back. The LX provides unparalleled range of motion. Save time by using multiple applications at once […]

  • Active Standing Mat


    The patent-pending Active Standing Mat has a contoured surface that’s specifically engineered to encourage movement while standing. With space for static standing, the 2.5cm thick floor, which is much thicker than most “cheaper” mats, provides excellent cushioning comfort. Sloped sidewalls allow you to elevate one or both feet, stretch your calves and stand comfortably with a wider […]