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Flat Seat Sit-Stand Wobble Stool


NEW: A re-designed flat seat cushion for more comfort!

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Height-adjustable standing desk stool that makes sitting fun & active!

Burn calories, rock and move around. Great for home & office!

If you have a sit-stand workstation, the Wobble stool is a must-have item. It is the perfect perch between sitting and standing.
The wobble stool is a fun chair that makes it easy to move around while sitting. It naturally tilts and moves under your control, helping you to stay active and productive at the office.
The Wobble sit-stand stool is height adjustable with a non-skid weighted base that makes it easy to move while seated.
It allows you to distribute your body weight between your feet and bottom while sit-standing at your desk.


  • The rounded seat provides additional comfort and swivels 360 Degrees
  • 33cm diameter seat
  • Plush fabric cushion is comfortable & cool
  • Unique design facilitates controlled movement
  • Self-stabilizing, weighted base returns to upright position after use
  • Height adjusts from 58,4cm to 83,8cm with a simple push-button under the seat

Limited warranty 3 months

Maximum load capacity of 110kg

1 review for Flat Seat Sit-Stand Wobble Stool

  1. Claude Visagie

    This wobble stool is a great alternative to a normal desk chair. It gives you the opportunity to change your posture during the day and to put your whole body in a different posture to avoid hunching while sitting. I’ve had intermittent pain in my coccyx from sitting incorrectly in my desk chair and this has disappeared since I’ve started using the wobble chair at work. It’s a great product and I would recommend it to anyone that would like to have a good alternative to sitting at work all day long.

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