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WorkFit-T, Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation (black)


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Presenting an ultra easy standing desk solution, which quickly converts a tabletop into a healthy sit-stand workstation. Simply place the WorkFit-T on an open surface, stand up and you’re ready to work!

WorkFit-T features an economical design and smaller footprint to fit your budget and your space. It further saves space because it moves straight up and down, always staying within the footprint of your desktop.

Extremely stable throughout its range of motion, one can freely lean on it while working without worry of tip or height-drop.


  • Economical design and smaller footprint fit your budget and your space
  • Add an accessory monitor mount kit: Attach your display(s) with a riser to provide independent screen adjustment while clearing worksurface space
  • Modify an existing office space or cubicle by simply adding a WorkFit-T to an open tabletop, without the cost of expensive professional installers
  • Ships fully assembled. Sits directly on top of desk—no special mounting or tool-adjustments required for installation
  • Provides 15 inches (38 cm) of vertical adjustment
  • Instantly move to sit or stand as you work: Simply release hand-brake levers on either side of unit to position the surface higher or lower
  • No cranks or motors to engage: Counterbalancing mechanism uses CF™ technology to facilitate quick height adjustment
  • Extremely stable and solid platform
  • Space-saving design does not protrude beyond tabletop
  • Works well in corner desk configurations; fits on surfaces as shallow as 18″” (46 cm)
  • Weight capacity 4,5 – 15,9kg
  • Tested and guaranteed: Full 5-year warranty!

1 review for WorkFit-T, Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation (black)

  1. Peter

    I got one of these after a back-op last year, and wish I’d got one a lot earlier as I really think it makes a difference being able to “mix it up” between standing and sitting throughout the day.

    The product is robust, not wobbly, and just has a good “quality” feel about it.

    I love the ease and infinite adjustability of the raising/lowering mechanism – one finger on either side to press lever and adjust smoothly up or down with minimal effort. You can set it to whatever height you want as you use it – not just pre-set levels – I find this useful as I prefer different levels depending on whether I’m doing a lot of typing for a document, vs email, vs being on a tele-con.

    Service was excellent too – I had a query on the weight/spring mechanism which was answered immediately. I also ordered a stand for my monitor which was replaced ‘no questions asked’ with a different model when I found it didn’t have the functionality I had intended.

    All in all, a great product and experience I would recommend.

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