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Every hour of sitting cuts about 22 minutes from your life expectancy. By contrast, it is estimated that smokers shorten their lives by approximately 11 minutes per cigarette. Now that’s no way to live.

We’re always pushing for ways to boost productivity and efficiency, and often as a result end up harming our health rather than putting it at the centre of our success. But what if you could increase your productivity AND improve your health? A way to work smarter, and live more comfortably? Our Ergo Hero will show you how:

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Ergonomics is the study of how one’s body interacts with the environment when you perform a task or activity. Office ergonomics focuses on workstation arrangement to fit the individual’s needs and includes the choice and placement of equipment such as the desk, computer monitor, chair, computer keyboard and mouse. The result: Boosted productivity and efficiency, and a much more satisfying work day.

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