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What is an Ergonomic Office Evaluator?

By : Austin Harichuran 0 Comments

So what is an Ergonomic Office Evaluator and how can they change the way you work? An Ergonomic Office Evaluator is an individual who can optimize the working environment to the needs of the person working in it. Optimizing may include rearranging where objects (office equipment such as the computer screen, keyboard and chair) are allocated, changing the height and distance between objects, and repositioning the individual who is being assessed. These are all done using the standard principles of Ergonomics within the workplace.

Ergonomic Office Evaluators can make expert product recommendations that will benefit the way you work at your workstation. Doing individual ergonomic office assessments grants the evaluator insights in the way that the individual is currently working. This can assist him/her in understanding why the person suffers from certain pains, discomforts, or sometimes, just poor posture. With this information, the evaluator can establish exactly what is required and can make confident recommendations.

It is important for you to be open and honest with your assessor. Most of them will ask you some personal questions which, at times may not seem relevant. However, this information is important especially when making product recommendations.

An individual ergonomic assessment roughly takes around 15 minutes per person. In this assessment, notes are usually taken of the individual’s pain areas, images are taken of their workstation and equipment, and further notes are taken of how the user works at his/her workstation and how it may be affecting/be the cause of the individual’s pain, discomfort, or incorrect posture. At the end of the assessment, basic ergonomic principles are explained to the individual, some general workstation adjustments are done, and recommendations may be given immediately, or at a later stage along with a copy of the individual’s report.

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