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Why is a task light important?

By : Austin Harichuran 0 Comments
01 Oct

Lighting is an important component of ergonomics and is a crucial consideration to office designers and ergonomists when designing and optimizing workplaces. More employers are becoming aware of the value of the wellbeing of their employees in the workplace as they realise the positive effect that this can have on staff productivity and morale. Due to this, there has been an increased focus on ergonomic intervention as well as investing in ergonomic products for the workplace. Lighting in the office is one of the components that needs to be considered and is worth investing in.

Computer Vision Syndrome otherwise known as (CVS) is common in the modern workplace. Symptoms include headaches, eye strain, blurred vision and other physical discomforts. Incorrect lighting in office environments can play a major role in employees’ comfort and their ability to work more effectively, resulting in symptoms relating to CVS. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, here are some simple tips to follow that can potentially reduce your discomfort:

  • Adjust your screen position to avoid any direct glare from the sun or any other bright lights. Adjusting your screen to the correct angle and height can also increase comfort and reduce neck and shoulder pain caused by incorrect positioning. Your screen should be about an arms’ length away and the top of your screen should be at the height of your eyes or slightly below.
  • Check your screen brightness settings. Having the monitor too bright or dull can cause unnecessary eye strain.
  • Take breaks during the day to rest your eyes – by doing this, you can reduce eye strain. It can also be helpful to look away from your screen and focus on distant objects for a few seconds.
  • Use a task light to target a specific area that requires better quality of light or a different light colour or intensity. LED technology has drastically increased the colour and quality of lighting available.
  • If your eyesight isn’t 100%, consider consulting with an optometrist once or twice a year to have your eyes tested. Prescribed lenses can reduce your eye discomfort and strain.

Besides for office use, task lighting can be extremely beneficial to those who require extra attention to detail on projects or tasks. Examples of these are sewing, doing hobbies, writing or any design/drawing work. Also be more critical of your setup when working at home. We often don’t work in an ideal environment (especially the chairs and lighting that we make use of) at home. Don’t forget to check the quality of the lighting that your children use while doing their homework – poor light quality can negatively impact their posture and ability to concentrate.

Investing in a task light can make a positive impact on your productivity, comfort and working efficiency. If you have any questions regarding task lights, please call us on 021 426 2378 or email us on info@ergodirect.co.za. If you are interested in viewing our LED task lighting option, please click here.

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