Testdrive a Wobble Stool competition

The Wobble sit-stand stool is height adjustable with a non-skid weighted base that makes it easy to move while seated. It allows you to distribute your body weight between your feet and bottom while sit standing at your desk.

We’re at it again. This time we have 3 x 30-day “Ergonomic Wobble Testdrives” up for grabs. Don’t miss out, enter today!


How to enter?

Multiple entries

  • Get a friend, colleague or family member not currently on your mailing list to sign up and receive an additional entry.
  • Sign them up by simply sending a blank email to with “Wobble – Ergonomic Testdrive” in the subject line. This will enter your referral into the competition and earn another entry for yourself.
  • You are allowed to refer as many people as you want – you are not limited to your number of entries
  • Competition closes on Sunday the 30th of September at midnight.

What if you love the drive?

If you end up loving this drive so much, you can buy your Wobble at a 20% discount from the normal retail price!

Even better – Refer someone to purchase a Wobble and receive a further 10% discount per referral purchase.

  • We will cover the cost of the unit being sent to you and coming back (if you want to send it back…)!