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Work more ergonomic in 2019

By : Austin Harichuran 0 Comments

How was 2018 for you?  Did you find yourself sitting awkwardly at your workplace, becoming more tired and less productive as the year progressed? You can change that in 2019 by simply applying better ergonomics to your workstation. Sitting comfortably is one thing but working more ergonomically correct is something else altogether. Once you change your old habits, the improvements will be almost immediate.

5 Ergonomic solutions to improve 2019

If there is one New Year’s Resolution for 2019 that is a must, it should be transforming your workspace to work more ergonomically. Being more ergonomic means more than that just sitting comfortably, it means doing things better and perhaps differently to what you are used to. Here are 5 ergonomic solutions that will make you a happier, healthier and more productive person in 2019.

Position your screen correctly

One of the most common problems with people working at their desks is incorrect screen positioning. Ensuring that your screen height and position is best for you can be one of the easiest ways to improve your working conditions. At the correct height and distance from your eyes, less straining head or neck movement is needed and prolonged activity in front of your computer can be done with considerably less strain.

The Flexispot F7 screen and monitor mount is a popular solution that allows the user to ergonomically adjust one or even a pair of monitors to its correct angle and height. These easy to install ergonomic “tools” offer flexibility in how they can be adjusted. Neck pain, back pain and eyestrain can be significantly reduced, and screen glare can be easily eliminated to ensure a comfortable and correct working position.

Use your laptop better

A common problem among laptop users is that they do not use their laptop in the correct position. One of the latest additions to the Ergonomicsdirect range is the Ergo Anywhere+ laptop stand. As with any laptop stand, it is best used with an external mouse, and keyboard. These ergonomic laptop stands allow you to adjust the position of your laptop to the correct position. Work comfortably with a considerable increase in your productivity.

Sit-stand working

2018 has seen Sit-Stand working become more popular, and in 2019, we’re positive we’re going to see these numbers grow exponentially. Sit-Stand desks and accessories have become a mainstay for Ergonomicsdirect, and with introduction of the M7B from Flexispot – sit-stand desks have now become more affordable. Changing your conventional desk to a sit-stand workstation at Ergonomicsdirect is simple. We offer a wide variety of equipment to choose from. Becoming a sit-stand user will undoubtably make the biggest difference to how you work in 2019.

Support your back

People have been making their office chairs more comfortable with cushions for many years, but this is not necessarily the most ergonomic way for the to sit better and maximise comfort. Proper back support opposed to just a cushion can make a massive impact on the comfort of your everyday office chair. Ergonomicsdirect has a wide range of back support options which can add additional lumbar support to your current office chair while also improving your comfort as well as your posture. One of the options Ergonomicsdirect offers is the Soho Back Support. The Soho Back Support is comfortable and encourages sitting with a better posture. It is a simple to use and compatible with most chairs. This convenient back support solution that offers adjustable lumbar support is easy to install on just about any office chair, car seat, or even a dining room chair.

Put your feet up

To sit properly and comfortably your feet also need to be positioned correctly. This is often overlooked in the workplace. Footrests can make a big difference for anyone seated for long periods of time. It helps a user is sit back properly on their chair which improves posture and helps maximise the use of the lumbar support provided by the chair. Another benefit a footrest offers is the elimination of swinging feet, especially for shorter people. Ergonomicsdirect offers 3 affordable footrest solutions.

In a nutshell, Ergonomicsdirect is here to make your 2019 a more comfortable, productive and overall, healthier year. Visit our online store or come and visit our showroom in Cape Town. We look forward to assisting you and bringing a positive change to your 2019!


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