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Very happy with this product

Very happy with this product. Well constructed and can feel the difference since using it at work. My wife also has one and is enjoying the benefits as well. Worthwhile investment!
- Jaques le Roux

Wobble = Better Posture!

This wobble stool is a great alternative to a normal desk chair. It gives you the opportunity to change your posture during the day and to put your whole body in a different posture to avoid hunching while sitting. I’ve had intermittent pain in my coccyx from sitting incorrectly in my desk chair and this has disappeared since I’ve started using the wobble chair at work. It’s a great product and I would recommend it to anyone that would like to have a good alternative to sitting at work all day long.
- Claude Visagie

Affordable and effective

I was hesitant about this product because it is priced very reasonably. But, it works! I have a big heavy laptop which it holds securely and lifts just enough for the screen to be at a better height. I am quite short, so it won’t work for everyone. The stand folds flat and is lightweight enough to carry in my laptop bag. The swivel function doesn’t work but it really doesn’t matter. The lift angle is what I was after.
- Isabelita van Zyl

Great Chair

Well designed and built. As comfortable as an office chair can get. Its main advantage is the lower back support that it offers. Reasonably priced and delivered in an impeccable condition within hours after purchase. An excellent choice; strongly recommended.
- Gustaf Pienaar

Worth Every Penny

This product made my long working hours bearable. As an architect every second counts and I can’t afford to feel stiff because of my time in front of the computer. Really worth every penny.
- Suzette

I love my new desk

I love this desk, so very very easy to use, which is what makes it so appealing to me. Once you have adjusted it for your height during the initial set-up, it is literally a question of lifting the desk higher or lower, depending on if you are sitting or standing. Very light and responsive to touch. I bought the additional document shelf as well which makes my direction of work all in one line, no leaning to the side or awkward stretching to refer to other documents. Highly recommended.
- Alison